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Medicina Preventiva (2).png

Preventive medicine

Periodic review of your pet's health status to prevent diseases and monitor their vaccinations and deworming. 



Our facilities have all the necessary means for your pet's recovery to be the best, with a comfortable and quiet recovery room so that they feel almost as comfortable as at home. 

Cirugía (2).png


Many times pathologies can only be resolved with surgical treatment. In our clinic we perform all kinds of sterilization surgeries, cystotomies, gastrostomies, extraction of foreign bodies (bones, toys, cloths, etc.) 

Analítica (2).png


We have the diagnostic tools to perform all the necessary analyzes on your pet. Observe what is happening in your body to diagnose and treat diseases early.

Rayos X.png

Bone scan

Radiology or X-rays are an imaging technique that offers us a lot of information. because they show the inside of the pet's body in black and white tones, with it we can detect fractures, cardiopulmonary problems, foreign bodies, bladder stones, among others. 

Eco (2).png


Ultrasound is an imaging technique that allows us to evaluate the functioning of soft tissues (Liver, kidneys, arteries, etc.) and detect any problem. 

Peluquería (2).png


We take care of its hygiene, our hairdresser will take care of giving your pet the best bath so that the skin stays healthy and its hair shines.



At Petsalud Maspalomas, we will enable a range of health certificates so that your pet can travel and enjoy the holidays with you without fear of getting sick away from home.



If what you need is to modify your dog's behavior, teach it new skills and improve the bond with it, we will accompany you in this process, helping to understand its language and educate through techniques with positive reinforcement that do not cause any harm to the animal.


Specialized store

In our store we have everything your pet needs for its health and well-being, from medicines to toys, feeders, feed and much more. 

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